regsThe Diving Centre Cylinder Testing and Servicing For All Types of Cylinder!

Teign Diving Centre offers a complete Cylinder Testing and Servicing service through both the Teignmouth and Plymouth Centre's. Not only useful for Divers but also for Airgun and Paintball Gun owners. All Cylinders carrying compressed gases are required to be tested and examined periodically. All these test can be carried out by the Diving Centre.

We also offer competitive prices for Oxygen cleaning and other cylinder and valve services.

Diving Cylinders are required to be Hydrostatically Tested (Pressure Test) every 5 years with an incremental visual inspection every alternate 5 years. Therefore your cylinder should be tested every 2.5 years alternating between the 2 tests. Cylinder tests now include a valve service as part of the test process.

Cylinders used for surface use ie Airguns and Paintball Cylinders need to be tested every 5 years. Our policy is that a cylinder with a diving valve in must be tetsed as a diving cylinder as it could always be used in Seawater for the purpose of SCUBA. If you wish to reduce your service costs then please fit a surface use valve.

Diving Cylinders for use with Nitrox, Trimix or oxygen require to be Oxygen Cleaned annually.

Any other issues or queries regarding Cylinder testing plese email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cylinders can be dropped to either our Teignmouth or Plymouth Centres and will be sent to the test house on a Thursday/Friday and returned the following week. A £15 deposit is required at the time of dropping the Cylinder in for test which will be taken off the final cost of the test.

Cylinder Testing Member Price Non-member Price
Hydrostatic Test inc. Valve Service & Std Valve Parts. Excludes additional work and parts. £45.00 £49.00
Visual Test inc. Valve Service & Std Valve Parts. Excludes additional work and parts. £36.00 £41.00
Hydrostatic Test & O2 Clean, Excludes additional work and parts. £55.00 £59.00
Visual Test & O2 Clean, Excludes additional work  and parts. £45.00 £51.00
Additional Aluminium EDDY Test £20.00 £25.00
Internal Shot Blast £18.00 £24.00
External Shot Blast £12.00 £18.00
Zinc Spray £32.00 £39.00
Cylinder Painting 1 Colour £25.00 £30.00
Cylinder Painting1 Colour + Black & White ¼ neck POA POA
Cylinder Painting Black & White ¼ neck POA POA
O2 Cleaning without tests, Includes Stickers, Excludes Parts £29.00 £32.00
Cylinder Valve Service, Excludes Parts. £17.00 £19.00
Twinset Assembly/Disassembly Charge £15.00 £20.00
Cylinder Valve Replacement, Excludes Parts. £15.00 £20.00
Cylinder neck O Ring Replacement, Excludes Parts. £15.00 £20.00
Breathing Air Cylinder Wraps £3.00 £6.00
EANx Cylinder wrap, Small £3.00 £6.00
EANx Cylinder Wrap, Large £3.00 £6.00
N.B All 232bar Cylinder Work Includes An Air Fill Free.    
Carriage Charges, Where not included. £15.00 £17.50
Handling Charges, For Quotations & Estimates, Per Item, Free if work carried out by us. £15.00 £20.00


 Prices are subject to change, please confirm prices with the Centre prior to having equipment serviced.

The Diving Centre reserves the right to charge a storage fee for equipment not collected within 2 weeks of work being completed, unless prior agreement has been made.

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