The SS City of Swansea is located in a similar area to the Lord Stewart and is in 40m of water. She is rarely dived and more diving information is required as well as photos!

Dive Site Name: City of Swansea      Dive Type: Wreck Dive       

Max Depth Seabed: 40m             Depth to top of Wreck: 32m  

Approximate Position: 50 28 85.N  003 11 44W

Tonnage: 1493tonnes    Length: 260Ft     Beam: 35Ft    Cargo: Coal

Date Lost: 25/09/1917      How Lost: Torpedoed UB 40

Minimum Qualification: Deep Diver  (Or Equivilent)


The SS City of Swansea was built as the SS Gwendoline by Palmers Ship Building for Wilson & Co. She was launched on 30/10/1882 at the Howdon Yard. She was sold in 1914 to Palgrave Murphy & Company of Dublin and renamed the City of Swansea

The SS City of Swansea was on passage from Tyne to Bacou with a cargo of Coal when sited by UB-40 on the 25th September 1917 15 miles ENE of Berry Head and torpedoed and sunk with the loss of 2 lives.

We have no images of this vessel at the moment and she is not dived very often due to the generally poor visibility although she is in the vicintiy of the Lord Stewart a great Lyme Bay dive!!

Palmers ShipBuilding Record of her build:

Type: Cargo Ship
Launched: 28/10/1882
Completed: 12/1882
Builder: Palmer’s Ship Building & Iron Co Ltd
Yard: Jarrow
Yard Number: 481
Dimensions: 1493grt, 933nrt, 260.4 x 35.2 x 16.0ft
Engines: C2cyl (31& 59 x 42ins), 174nhp
Engines by: Palmer’s Ship Building & Iron Co Ltd
Propulsion: 1 x Screw
Construction: Iron
Reg Number: 87023
12/1882 Wilson & Co, London
1891 Thomson & Port, London
1893 Burdick & Cook, London
1898 Gwendoline SS Co Ltd (Mordey, Jones & Co), Newport
1913 Palgrave, Murphy & Co., Dublin
1914 Renamed CITY OF SWANSEA
25/09/1917 Sank
Comments: 25/09/1917: Sank after being torpedoed by U-Boat UB40 when 15 miles
ENE of Berry Head on a voyage from the Tyne to Boucau with coal.

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