SS Radaas locally know as Harolds Wreck, lays in 30m of water although broken the boilers are still intact and stand 9m proud of the seabed. She is a fair steam from Teignmouth. 

Dive Site Name: Radaas  Dive Type: Wreck Dive

Max Depth Seabed: 30m Depth to top of Wreck: 21m

Approximate Position: 50 34 25N 003 04 91W

Tonnage: 2524tonnes   Length: 88.4m   Beam: 12m   Cargo: Coal, Patent Fuel Blocks

Date Lost: 21/09/1917 How Lost: Torpedoed UB 40

Minimum Qualification: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or Equivalent 


SS Radaas, built by J. Readhead & Sons, So. Shields in 1890 and owned at the time of her loss by Schach, Steenberg & Co., Copenhagen, was a Danish steamer of 2524 tons. She was originally named the Marstonmoor (1890) and then prior to being named the
Readheads yard where the Radaas was built in 1890Radaas she was the SS Athos Romanos (1902).

On September 21st, 1917 The Radaas was on passage from Tyne to Bordeaux with a cargo of coal. Another victim of Oberleutnant Hans Howaldt in UB-40. She was spotted approximately 18 miles W of Portland Bill in Lyme bay, when UB-40 fired a single torpedo that struck her port side between the forcastle and hold #1 approximately 2m below the water line. She sank soon after with the loss of 1 man.

There is some confusion and conflicting information on this wreck site. This is a note from Nick Chipchase on Wrecksite:

"Lloyds give conflicting information " Lyme Bay 2 miles SE Portland Bill." This could read 21 miles as the original script is indistinct. Maw gives " Portland Bill bore SE 21 miles " Maws position is given as 50 40 N. 02 55 W. Local divers say they have seen shell cases on this wreck but Raadas was a Danish neutral and not armed. Raadas was carrying 3350 tons of coal from Tyne to Bordeaux via Penzance. After the ship sank the crew were landed at Weymouth.Another possibility for the wreck would be Gallia but again sinking details vary. Lloyds give 24 m WNW Portland Bill but Shipwreck Index gives 50 26 26 N 01 47 58 W"

We have not been able to verify the identity of the wreck at this time, and we currently have no images of the Radaas so if you have any further information please let us know.

She is also locally known as Harolds Wreck in honour of the local fisherman who trwaled his net into her twice in 1 week!

The Radaas now lies in in a NNE - SSW orientation on a sandy seabed in 30m of water she is broken and the boilers are the highest point at about 21m, the site is about 80m long.


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