The Elsa was a large steam ship sunk by torpedo ESE of Dartmouth in 1918. She is described as impressive and fairly in tact and lies in 45m of water!

Dive Site Name: SS Elsa          Dive Type: Wreck Dive       

Max Depth Seabed: 45m             Depth to top of Wreck: 35m  

Approximate Position: 50,19.55N  W003,29.54W

Tonnage: 3581tonnes    Length: 102.10m       Cargo: Coal, Coke and General cargo

Date Lost: 24/01/1918      How Lost: Torpedoed UB 31

Minimum Qualification: Deep Diver / Technical Diver  (Or Equivilent)


The Elsa was a Norwegian Cargo ship steaming from Newport, Montreal to Kristiana in Norway with a cargo including 2000 tonnes of coal and 600 tonnes of general cargo.elsa ss There has been some confusion as to the location/identity of the Elsa as it has been confused with the Greatham. However Steve Macay and a group of divers did some extensive surveying of these 2 sites (within 1nm of each other) in the mid 2000's and identified the 2 sites correctly.

Oberleutnant Bieber in UB31 was still patrolling this area after attacking a convoy on the 22/1/1918 and sinking the Greatham, and on the 24/1/1918 Bieber struck again this time torpedoing the Elsa. She sank in 20 minutes and all 28 crew got clear and landed at Dartmouth. She now lies in 45m of water standing only 4-5m proud of the seabed, and is quite broke.

The Elsa was built in 1904 by the Tyne Iron Shipbuilding Company of Willington and owned by Wilhelmson, Wilh of Tonsberg.



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